Data to Insight, Insight to Action

NDi’s Axiom Intelligence PlatformTM (AxiomIP) is a turnkey Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) platform that leverages a secure, managed attribution cloud-architecture to deliver full-spectrum intelligence and insights in real time to support global, multifaceted missions. The extensible nature of AxiomIP enables unlimited and simultaneous mission-related projects, with a framework capacity to expand or contract in near real-time as mission requirements change.

Benefits of NDi’s AxiomIP

Protect Your Intel Collection, Protect Your Operators – AxiomIP’s Managed Attribution enables your intel collections to go undetected, so the adversaries aren’t tipped off. It also enables fully cloaked queries and communications by your operator at the tactical edge, so whether they access AxiomIP from Kansas or Kandahar, their location and identity are protected.

AxiomIP is OSINT tool agnostic – Our platform is flexible. With AxiomIP, you can visualize open source information from a wide range of tools and data sources. You decide which OSINT tools and capabilities are best suited to support your mission, and the AxiomIP platform will secure and deliver them via one seamless, intuitive interface.

Rapidly Go from Data to Insight to Action – AxiomIP enables rapid response to mission-critical intelligence. These insights provide a tactical advantage and a basis for quick action to contain and engage threats around the world.

Global Mobile Intelligence Delivered to You – Delivered through AxiomIP, your OSINT tools can seamlessly geolocate mobile locational data intelligence from around the world.

Direct Access to AxiomIP Support Services – With a built-in knowledge base, customer forums, helpdesk, and training support services; you have an AxiomIP support team in place, from wherever you operate.


Secure Access with Non-Attribution/Managed Attribution from Anywhere

AxiomIP leverages an NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) certified security solution, to create a user-defined, managed attribution framework that exists in a cloud-based architecture. This flexible design provides for mission-critical communication by establishing secure, encrypted, cloaked, virtual point-to-point routes through public telecommunications infrastructure – obfuscating source and destination of data-flow, as well as other passive and proactive activities within the AIP.

NDi’s AxiomIP Integrated Services

Underused solutions not fully understood by customers leave value and efficiencies on the table and delay a true return on investment – if ROI is ever reached. To help our customers unlock the power of NDi’s AxiomIP, we’ve fully integrated subject matter experts (SME) into the service. This focused team of data and intelligence experts work to fully understand your mission and how to ensure AxiomIP contributes maximum value. The Integrated SME team has many years of experience in intelligence, data science, cybersecurity, advanced development, and program management.


Optimize AxiomIP, Realize a Greater ROI

NDi’s AxiomIP Integrated SME Services are a package of services and resources designed to help customers accomplish their mission faster, realize ROI sooner, and fully optimize the platform’s capabilities more rapidly.

Acquire this mission-critical capability today.

Talk to us about your own instance of NDi's AxiomIP. Contact Carmen Marco, NDi Senior Vice President, at (800) NDi-5665 or CMarco@netdes.com.