NDi Supports Enterprise Rollout of DevOps with FAA IT Shared Services


DevOps-is a practice that partners developers with operations staff to ensure the organization achieves optimal running of software with minimal problems.  This practice promotes a willingness to work together and share. It establishes an environment where building, testing, and releasing software, happens rapidly, frequently, and more reliably.

The FAA sought out a partner to support the introduction and rollout of DevOps within the IT Shared Services organization and into all software development areas within the agency.

Our Approach

NDi worked with the FAA/AIT DevOps stakeholders to identify the following three key areas of support for the rollout of DevOps.

  • Technology Foundation: to maintain and enhance the tools and processes that support DevOps and build the foundation of re-useable components to be shared among all future projects. The DevOps toolchain NDi assisted FAA in establishing is comprised of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ansible, Ansible Tower, Jira, Artifactory, Confluence, bitbucket, Jenkins, Docker, GIT, and Puppet.  
  • Projects Integration: to participate as a member of multiple project teams and help each team become familiar with the DevOps tools and general best practices.
  • Communications & Training: Since DevOps is a relatively new concept within AIT, significant effort is given to teaching the concepts, briefing leadership on current projects and planning for the future. Communications activities include briefings, the DevOps website, training materials, and in-person demos.

The Results

This practice allows AIT ADE and its stakeholders to operate collaboratively and enables them to efficiently develop and deploy the systems needed to manage and engage with FAA data and information resources. This effort fully enables AIT’s movement towards Agile software development and is a critical next step in supporting AIT’s goals of migrating to a cloud-based platform.