NDi Helps FAA Usher in New Era of Social Media Communications

The Overview

In 2010, social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, began to skyrocket—changing communications between the federal government and its external and internal audiences forever.

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA’s) Office of Communications (AOC), asked NDi to support their efforts to, conceive, plan and execute the FAA’s first external Social Media Program.

Working together the FAA/AOC, the NDi team wrote and implemented an initial social media strategy that would transform the FAA’s outreach, doubling its growth each year, into one of the most valuable channels the FAA has to engage the flying public and stakeholders.

The Challenge

Leverage the public’s growing use of social media to expand the FAA’s safety mission and reach beyond the corporate web presence by engaging aviation industry stakeholders everywhere through new social media channels including FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Our Approach

NDi worked with the FAA/AOC to create a viable and engaging social media platform from scratch. We drew from NDi’s expertise in social media and digital communications, to provide the FAA team with a state of the art social media strategic plan.

Since its initial launch, our NDi experts have actively created content, engaged with aviation stakeholders, published daily on FAA social media channels, and delivered tactical and strategic social media plans for FAA’s social media programs.

We coordinate with the FAA to use native and external social media analytics tools such as Facebook and Twitter analytics, bit.ly, and Crowdbooster to analyze and report on the success of FAA’s social media outreach. We provide weekly, monthly and ad hoc reports on the impact the FAA’s social activity is having – what people are talking about on social channels and what coverage FAA content has received.

The Results

NDi has demonstrated the program’s return on investment: social media drives an average of 20% of traffic to promoted FAA.gov sites. Our work with the FAA helped launch its Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram accounts since its inception in 2010.

Since 2010, the reach and following of FAA social media properties have grown exponentially with NDi’s support.

Our efforts include:

  • In 2016, the FAA’s total number of Facebook fans dramatically increased by 70%.
  • The FAA is currently the third most “liked” regulatory government agency on Facebook.
  • Between October 2015 – September 2016, the FAA reached 28 million Facebook users—1.3 of whom shared, liked, commented or clicked upon our posts, and a twitter audience of 235 million users

Top Tweet of the past two years:

NDi worked closely with the FAA to produce its post on the safety statement regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Devices—the FAA’s most engaging post on Twitter over the lifetime of the account with 3.4million potential impressions.

Annual Social Media Reach: Exponential Growth Year over Year

annual social media reach.png

Social Media Fans: Dramatic Facebook Growth