Federal Aviation Administration Embraces ‘Big Data’ with NDi Developed Dynamic Regulatory System


The Challenge

The Dynamic Regulatory System (DRS), powered by SEEKR, will be the single-source for aviation-related regulatory information from the Code of Federal Regulations and supporting regulatory documents currently found in multiple FAA repositories. 

DRS provides the implementation of a “regulation-based, knowledge center” solution for documentation and guidance, providing a content search service.  DRS delivers a dynamic, accurate and accessible view of up-to-the-minute regulations and guidance across different lines of business. 

Today, stakeholders spend hours and days in search of regulatory information. DRS allows stakeholders to find information in a fraction of the time – often times in only a matter of minutes.

Our Approach

NDi worked with the FAA/AIT initially to identify a critical safety need with regard to accessing the most relevant, accurate regulatory guidance information for both the FAA and the aviation community.  Initially, NDi developed a Proof-of-Concept (POC) solution to demonstrate the “art of the possible” to provide a single-source content knowledgebase for accessing this information.  Following the POC, NDi conducted an in-depth As-Is Business Analysis Investigation to identify the existing issues and the essential business needs of the agency and the aviation community.  The findings from this investigation were leveraged in conjunction with previous Requirements Definition exercises conducted within the FAA to generate the vision for the DRS application.


The Results

The DRS solution currently consolidates over 42 different document types, including Title 14 of the Federal Code of Federal Regulations, Federal Register Rules, FAA regulatory documents, FAA Legal Interpretations, granted Exemptions to the CFRs, Advisory Circulars into a single, searchable repository.  Additionally, DRS surface document relationships, providing a 360 degree view of information.

DRS is able to surface relationships between CFR sections as well as Regulatory Documents, displayed in list or graphical format. Users are able to understand the background of the Federal Regulations, as well as FAA’s guidance. 

DRS uses text extraction and natural language processing to scan each document in the ingestion process; storing key words identified in the document type structure map as well as storing the full text for search. Direct references to other documents are identified as well, for making explicit connections to other documents.

DRS also leverages an ontological system to identify user input acronyms, and key concepts from the user search input, as well as in query expansion to search for equivalent concepts; providing the indirect links to documents the user may not have been aware of in their system.