NDi Assists Department of State in Fighting Cyber Crime & Terrorism Globally for 12 Years

The Overview

NDi supports the U.S. State Department globally. We provide Anti-Terrorism Cybersecurity technology and training solutions that assist in protecting networks and enterprise systems from hackers and nation-state intruders. Through NDi’s support services we help nations collect, analyze, and organize their information to provide meaningful data to solve crimes. A key part of the mission is to advance American interests and foreign policy through training and technologies in support of law enforcement organizations throughout the world.  

We coordinate with State Department, FBI, Embassy, and host Partner Nation stakeholders to survey, update, convert, install, and support the local installations and wide area connectivity between nations for information sharing and cross searching of data with multiple vendors.

Our cost effective solutions leverage Commercial of the Shelf (COTS) and Open Source technologies. We engage stakeholders at the local government level to perform extensive site surveys and develop customize solutions that meet our host nation requirements and are easy to maintain after proper training, policies and plans are in place.

NDi provided 8 Computer Forensic Vans for the Government of Mexico, and transitioned them to their police force in 2014.  NDi provided State-of-the-Art forensic tools, networking equipment, telecommunications equipment, training, and support. Investigative tools such as Cellebrite, Encase, FTK, and other forensic analysis tools permit a wide variety of field data analysis and e-discovery tasks to be completed.

These Vans increase the capacity of the Narcotics Affair Section (NAS) of the Government of Mexico to perform field capture, analysis, and chain of custody services in the field for a wide variety of crime support.    

We have implemented a cyber operations center for Kenya enabling enhanced data analytics and faster processing of threats for their region. NDi built the Kenya Anti-Terrorism and Prosecutor Case Management Solution which provides state of the art Big Data Analytics and Information Sharing for the Kenya Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU).  Law Enforcement uses this program to input data, track cases, analyze the data, and manage cases from inception through prosecution.

NDi provided biometrics system for 12 Caribbean Nations  (Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Member States), which allowed them to scan, collect, store, and analyze digital fingerprint information for use in combating transnational crime, terrorist transit, and serious immigration crimes (human smuggling, human trafficking). Our solutions also enable data sharing and collaboration with entities outside of their nations.

This program required extensive coordination with multiple stakeholders (State, FBI, Embassy, and host Partner Nation) to survey, update, convert, install, and support the local installations and wide area connectivity between nations for information sharing. A substantial accomplishment was creating the ability to accurately perform cross searches between systems from multiple vendors.

Our team implemented open source technology solutions to enable secure data transfer between sites by utilizing encrypted SMTP traffic. This technological solution reduced reliance on simply using public email for passing data, and enabled the client to send and receive data seamlessly into and out of the applications that linked the various agencies (Fonde, DAS, Military, Police, and the offices they had at the Embassy).  

DoS for Cyber Training programs around the world. NDi directly supports State Department sponsored cyber training programs in over 40 countries around the world. Our training professionals have trained over 15,000 personnel in the latest cyber techniques for law enforcement training. The State Department reports on successes to Congress yearly based on this training.  Our work efforts directly support training the police forces in Host Partner Nations, and there are daily work efforts performed by these organizations to reduce crime and terrorism. 

  • We have provided 14 years of computer forensic training, technical support, and special projects for The Department of State.

  • We have created and trained over 15 distinct courseware products from Executive Seminars to in-depth technical training solutions.

  • We have trained over 5000 Host Partner Nation personnel.

  • We have performed more than 110 courses/events per year.

  • Typical class size ranges from 10-25 students.

  • Typical instructor cadre size 2-3.

  • Typical in-country class duration 1-3 weeks.